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Were dreams but true or is that weird to say ?
Because not all dreams are so much fun or rewarding spirit.
They continue to haunt you not as the sun but as dark clouds.
If a black page in your life from a book you will never read.
Where the sun does not rise with warm rays.
Only with bizarre stories about life, death and pain.
That gives waking certainly not fun or good cheer.
And does it pretty certainly not give a good feeling in life.
Fortunately, we know that dreams are illusions and not true.
Yet we feel weird about it beyond what our brains have seen.
It is best to only the good dreams to think and remember.
We wished us a better day and not to spend then with thinking.
On Hope that the wish-fulfillment of what we have dreamed.
Optimistic like a sequel and a continuous.
Because that brings you in a revue of love and romance.
Things done and solutions successfully done.
Receivables and good processes in life.
Without undue problems and scenes.
That you no need require attention in a negative sense.
For in your dream, you got everything done and get your sentence.
Were you there now stil in that dream.
The awakening, you have to realize what it was.
A dream that came in your life, as a moment.
To better feelings to share with a vision and a purpose.
Everything was in your mind and let sleep waiting for you.
Once sleeping and came to life, you was subconsciously disturbs.
That is a dream in Your mind.
Or do you have never heard of it ?
Then its maybe my dream.
Because I’m a dreamer in life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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