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Each heart possession a dark side even clouds gloss over the moon

Each heart possession a dark side even clouds gloss over the moon

Each heart possession a dark side even clouds gloss over the moon


Each heart possession a dark side even clouds gloss over the moon


Criticize a human never at his appearance, a giving reason, is that it an extraordinary surprise can bring to us.
Because no one in someone else can see his heart or wallet, so that may surprise many, when someone adopts a certain lifestyle, because they feel good by it.
That way of life and appearance give them a certain image to others their way of thinking, but that does not mean that what is seen and thought about it, also must be so.
Difficulties never hung on the big clock or shouted over the rooftops, so that’s something that will not be quickly shown or discussed.
Generally everyone wants like to appear themselves  larger than it’s in reality and by difficulties someone is trying to hide themselves and keep them great, while their heart grieves and is deeply depressed.
Only to persons we really trust we can be openly and can tell everything, else we run the risk that “our dirty laundry hung out” by excessive gossip.
When our life is guided by gossip and results from bad to worse with using a different tongue from another person than the evil done to us.
If our words are twisted to illicit and false information will it be gloating for many and they will spread this with a smile.
Some will not believe it if they know us longtime and show compassion and try to help, but it’s been put already in a bad light, and certainly already disastrous for us.
Everyone has good and bad times, both mentally and financially that’s just the way in a human lifetime, we are all sometimes needy for help.
Those who are there at such vulnerable moments that the ones to respect also being proud that we have so good friends or family where we can rely on.
This can range from financial or emotional values whereby everyone is welcome and can contribute to our unhappiness and mental state of mind.
On that terrible and touching moments we are no longer ourselves through the emotions and not knowing how to deliver us from it.
This negative period we have to convert as soon as possible in a positive atmosphere, otherwise there will be psychologically break something in our physically condition state.
A solution will learn to think again optimistic us and a smile to see again on our facial expression after a nervous period which was not nice.
There will always be light at the other end of the tunnel and the soup never will be eaten so hot as it will be served.
So never lose our self-confidence and faith in solutions how difficult it can be sometimes in daily life there is always a way out or an compromise available.
After rain comes first the rainbow with sunshine or a storm with strong winds but the balance for good weather conditions will always return.
As we should always keep believing in it and not deviate from this, everything is a matter of overcoming time.
As dark clouds gloss over the moon will always appear a dark side in our heart that we sooner will cry rather than laugh.
But have always faith and confidence that good times will always return after any bad periods.
So as that tomorrow everything can be different then today and we maybe can see sunlight after a good night’s rest under the moonlight.
Life is just unpredictable.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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