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Endless Love is eternal happiness

Endless Love is eternal happiness

Endless Love is eternal happiness


Endless Love is eternal happiness


Before bedtime and by the first gift of a new Day “opened my eyes” I’m thinking of You.

If something good happens in my life, I miss You caused by understanding You know me the best and are the one where I feel myself at exceptionally and wants it parts together.

I feel that something lack in my life when
something disturbing happened and You’re not around.
Because You’re the one who has apprehend beauty and equal knowledge of it, knows me so well and understands all of me.

In a matter is lacking something if that hits me in life when you’re not there, when I laugh or cry.
Because I know that you are the one that makes me laugh again and my thoughts turned positive late come about so that the tears and negativity disappear in my thoughts.

Need for the warmth of You body against mine and thinking of all those formidable moments that we spent together.
These are great times we spent together which therefore belong to the best seniority of my life.

Actually I think all the time to You and wish we are lifetime together,
but the most when I’m awake at night and you is not see You on my side.
And get then a satisfying feeling of joy when You step back again in bed after a visit to the toilet.

My lesson in life is that we are all different in character and appearance.
However, by acceptance and making compromises with each other. We can make our life more pleasant with each other and can be everyone happy with a peaceful feeling.

Be nice to each other is wisdom in life.
Everyone has a unique appearance and defects but may have a heart of gold.

Eternal Love and accept from both sides is endless happiness and priceless to express it in money or with words.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb


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