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Every Day new from My Heart.


Every Day new from My Heart.


Tree , you’re so beautiful to watch.
Every day I see the new green leaves out from your heart.
I can not stand , brown leaves fall from you down.
Why You have give them with love.
They are so brown and withered and lie down on the moss.
Tree roots indicate how strong you are.
Through wind, rain and storm the branches give your form.
They go back and forth and rant
When the wind roars through the trees.
And a lot of rain on the leaves come.
The storm may break branches and leaves spread.
This is something that we can not avoid.
That is the power of nature and the rain tastes a bit sour.
Tree with all of you strength and splendor.
Is it wonderful to see how everything will recover after a day or ten.
I can not believe my eyes first, everything was so bent.
Boom, you’re back as before and the rustle of the leaves can be heard.
From Your Heart, you have given new leaves.
The beautiful beautiful tree stands there again.
The tree with its roots, branches and leaves and beautiful form.
Oh there is he now crooked.


Trees we need them in our lives.
For oxygen and nitrogen in the air.
They put the dirty air on to a healthy life.
The trees continue logging is not a good sign.
They give from their heart You a better life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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