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Everyone wants to be free with no dependents

Everyone wants to be free with no dependents

Everyone wants to be free with no dependents


Everyone wants to be free with no dependents


Realistically of-course impossible in life, because no one is truly free.
Most like to be profligate with no rules and laws follow.
Lots of things what comes in their mind they want to do without a single second longer having to think.
Something like that is something where generally everyone dreams, but is precluded.
Risk-less would all their wishes will be fulfilled before they put in the two hands clapping with joy.
Suffered heart than we will therefore almost never live to see whether the decision itself have.
Namely, it will be true that if we like something or someone, that person is already chosen and destined for us.
Thus, there is no doubt only certainty without any hesitation.
Our way of life will begin to somewhat resemble a fairy-tale with a perfect resulting denouement always in joy.
Subsequently, we own a life of extreme with the best opportunities.
Where our borders only expands and only will be shown in the graph with an upward trend.
Because we live in a zone and cannot being beating there, because there is literally only successful victories occur for us.
It is a way of life that people often dream about and then assume that it is seriously excessive, because it sounds impractical.
All freedoms, we will have, to be able to afford ourselves everything.
For all persons we cherish can give them extra attention and may spoil on our way to make them feel extra happy.
As free as a bird is something that everyone wants?
But any sensible person on the globe is also aware that there is not one person who is so free.
Dreaming is good and great thrilling, but it is good that we every morning or time wake up in the faithful to reality of life.
Everyone wants freedom and willingness no one to disturb, but that is impossible.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb



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