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It was an experience that we can use it for our life.
Yes we have already said it several times in our lives.
If not then we can place You in the category of sparrow in the house.
Things what You have done in your life is something to think back.
Either a happy or fearful feeling.
But in any case , it will be a great impression on us.
It was an great experience in the past otherwise we will not remember it.
Some of us love adventure and experience to do something.
Like to experience certain trips or vacations .
They working so hard to save the money and get that experience.
They want to have big adventure with an experience for their life.
Do not like to stay home and watch movies on television.
Or listening to stories and looking on the video or photos by others.
Going out  to try it on themselves.
Then they will get their own experience in real.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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