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Not everything in life that glitters is gold.
Many think if they see something that glitter is gold or gold after.
Everyday life shows us other things.
And give us a different view on things that our eyes perceive.
Many things that our eyes for the first time see.
All look rosy and we like our thoughts believe.
Much is different than our eyes have seen and has a much different background and existence than it does occur.
You can compare it to view something from a great height.
Everything our eyes perceive seems nice and wonderful from a far distance.
Until we go and see things from closer and our eyes nearly fall out of surprise, which seemed so beautiful and wonderful of a far distance is usually outdated and decay and is due for a new life and is different than you thought.
Lesson, do not get what we have see with our eyes have deceived us again nice.
We are once again kicked it looks like a big joke.
What can it be different if we see and believe as we discover the first time.
Why do our eyes deceived us again or do we want only the best believe, think and see.
The good in us always think the best with what we see.
But unfortunately the truth is hard and usually different than you expect.
Give eyes a good chance you know and have a good balance.
Look beyond what you see and a good future ahead.
Sometimes it is difficult to orientate what your eyes see.
But be careful and thoughtful.
You sleep then so softens.
Do not be mislead what you face see.
Because before you know it, they bite you.
Then begins the day with care and there is no good tomorrow.


Look first good and then you decide.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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