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Family love.

Family love.


We can not choose our family.
But we also don’t want to lose them.
We can not live without them.
Every day is the same as tomorrow.
We can not ignore our family.
Every second counts your relation with the family.
The love that arises is infinitely .
It’s feelings that flow through your body.
From head to toe nothing can change this simple truth.
Hard times make the relations becomes more stronger.
And increase the love and concern for each other.
That love grew with the years, and they can share everything on their mind.
There are sometimes problems but love is stil in their genes.
Living with family is not always fine.
But the family love solves everything and give new courage.
We were once connected and of course everyone makes a sin.
Otherwise life was same as a plant that you always need to give water.
But in the end we all love again and are very sweet.
That will takes all those bad days away.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author by Jan Jansen


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