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It is understandable that Your fears could grab Your mind .
If you life in uncertain is and like negative thinking.
Do not know what will happen and come.
There you go even from dreams and talk.
That have everyone in his mind and that is to see.
Watching scary movies on television so the fear is exacerbated.
Life is then still limited and also unusual.
You see ghosts and scary things and also still believe in it.
Plays with your own mind so that you do not know what there are waiting for You.
Fantasizes there only on loose and sees weird images in your mind.
That negative you can not convert it into positive thinking.
What has life to give when you think like this.
Fears are there to overcome and give life another meaning again.
Positive thinking and to start with a good mind.
Then there are also many positive things that are waiting for You.
Bringing the good things back in to forward it sounds like music to the ears.
Giving behold the beautiful moments of life again.
And have a better sense for everything and more bravery.
Only then do you know to be sure that everything is okay.
And all also come everything good again.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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