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Fishing you can enjoy so much with it.
With multiple rods all day looking at all those antennae.
Or listen to the bell get to ring at the top.
Fishing is quite Summit.
Nice on the boat or on the waterfront.
It’s almost like enjoying from the sun on the beach.
Especially if the fish are biting and their mouth is split.
At night they go into the pan, which is double enjoy.
It is cozy with friends go fish.
Who will catch the most fish today ?
Who has the best equipment in order and ready to feed the bait.
Because after from the fish remains nothing left only the degree.
Who has caught the most fish also has the most fun.
Relaxing with all friends together it gives a nice feeling.
If many fish are caught, it is great fun.
The meal for the evening it was a big fight before to catch the fish..
Big fish on the hook beaten for after on the kitchen countertop.
If Mother the women all fish going cooking have we all a great meal.
When All of us have come at table from the fishermen they like it.
They have not forgotten the day and talk all around.
Tell how day it was and cheer with each other.
The fish they have caught is now ready for to eat.
They go there to eat their bellies full and round.
And if they have drunk too much alcohol, they also make still more fun.
The day gets a happy ending and they speaking for the next time.
The pain that the fish feel before they have suffered is there no more.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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