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Flowers they come in many colors and scents.
Flowers You can enrich the horizon.
Flowers a better interior and someone let succumb.
A scent of flowers on the wall.
Flowers a refreshment of the Country.
Flowers how much they can count.
Flowers what they can do for you.
Flowers also have a good cause.
Your love love flowers.
Therefore love the flowers and let grow.
Flower show and sing a chorus.
Flowers we find them still fine.
Flowers who wil not get them.
Flowers you can also cut.
Flowers they come in many colors and scents.
Flowers give they can never can regret.
Flowers make us happy.
Flowers you’ll find them in the meadow.
Flowers you can pick them so.
Flowers can take them off from the ground .
Some pretty red flowers and round.
Flowers make what they do fur.
So are there flowers in the vase.
You go for the flowers .
Flowers some kissable.

But I prefer to Kiss You.


All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen


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