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Flower Bouquet.

Flower Bouquet.


We always do not know what to give if we want to surprise someone.
Spend hours of thinking and walk to the shops in round with no idea.
Want to buy something good and amazing to give an impression on that day to make someone happy.
Have a budget and see many beautiful and interesting things but above my budget.
So it will continue to look around from one shop to another shoppings center.
Then we pass a flower shop and are impressed with all the colors.
We go in the store and are amazed at what can be seen there.
Many flowers and plants in different sizes and colors.
My eye falls on flowers with many colors and I look at the price.
I can put together in a bouquet which corresponds with my budget.
So I go ahead and set different types of flowers together in my bouquet.
Go to the counter and they makes a beautiful bouquet full of flowers inserted.
Payout and leave the  florist with a good feeling.
Go with courage and pride to my date and see her with a happy face.
Give the flowers and give her a kiss to tell her how much I love her.
With a happy face and pride she receive the flowers from me.
And tells me that she is very happy with the flowers in many colors.
I reply to her that if we have the rest of our lives together.
We also have a rosy life together with pleasure.
then she say thanks for these beautiful words.
And even more for the beautiful flowers.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



Flower bouquet.

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