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Follow the Straight Path will Preserve us from Many Failures

Follow the Straight Path will Preserve us from Many Failures

People make mistakes and sometimes we do not want to go that way but we are forced by circumstances in life, it’s never too late to make changes for the better of ourselves and family.
The temptation and greed is sometimes so great that any one can go in a weak moment in life where it meet the needs of a loved one can be a driving force.
We come Something short and then come into a situation or get making it easy to grasp or obtainable and then to manage the alluring appeal of and exceeds our character and end up in the inaccuracy shortcomings.
At that time we make one of the biggest mistakes in our lives where we surrender ourselves of an offense and bad behavior with a severe character defect like a fool.
Later we realize that we have gone too far when it is already too late and feel and express regrets but that will not change or soften the act we made.
It is good if we realize what we have done is not right and then make a change, but it may be too late and then be punished for that.
Have limits imposed on ourselves are to be shifting, but this kind of decision to create a groundbreaking effect is very excessive and unwise for the long term.
Future prospects could potentially be lost if we thereby have qualified with a criminal record on our behalf.
That would be damaging many opportunities in our doings and negate by one stupid mistake unjust for the rest of our subsistence disabled for many  bread winning opportunities.
Often it was later viewed not even been worthwhile to take such risks and so to leave a bad impression on others.
The right path has many ways and everyone has the sense of good and evil whether we throw ourselves on the social level, belief or “normality general” (which our society is considered as normal or good) it’s never too late to follow the right path and to do it.
Fast material or financial gains books in a criminal way is a big failure and runs for many people badly.
If we want to protect ourselves from defeat is the right path to follow the wisest to avoid the larger failures in life.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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Follow the Straight Path will Protect us from Many Failures 12 July 2015

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