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We all want good food.
And we can not forget.
We must do it all everyday.
No eating gives it us all problems.
And our stomach starts churning.
And we begin to feel us hungry.
After dinner we go wash our mouths.
Go and brush our teeth.
That’s good and nice and fresh.
Because that is our existence.
Everyday we eat several times.
And if it is spicy we sweat.
We eat in many species.
Everyone has so their own meals.
Not all take the time for this.
And some have plenty of time and no meal.
Many in our world have no food.
And this people should not be forgotten.
We need to think everyday about this.
And them also give good to eat.
Help one another in life.
The arms also we love them and food to donate.
Do not just think to yourself.


And take care for others.
Love for each other.


A nice Tasty Day Wishes Granted.



I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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