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Football is a beautiful sport.
22 players compete against each other and play.
It only takes 2 times 45 minutes and the most goals that count.
For every goal the bells rings and there is a lot cheers.
Is not it a queer lot all the yelling and cheering.
Offside is beyond dispute, another ball in goal.
Oh there goes one on his face.
There are many who look at it but can never reach the top.
That is confined to a few people fast with the ball.
And scoring is the thing they do especially.
It is not always good but that’s the game.
Playing together as a team is so normal.
Ohh now he shoots back against the post.
The goalkeeper throws the ball again and it is the referee whistle.
What happened there in the field a slide tackle and he is felled.
After a penalty kick to have taken the game is in full swing.
And they can some of it.
By constantly towards one another to be replayed.
Is it running for others to take over.
They are speed and strength shortly.
And that’s raging and hear the cheers again.
A goal in the stadium is what you see and heard.
Because a goal is scored the only thing that count.


In normal life we can score.
If we combine the hard work.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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