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For grabs.

For grabs.


Sometimes it is up for grabs but what do you then reach them.
You can quickly get Your profit hit or go in the jail.
And a lot of them are going to lose because freedom is not for sale.
The time that you should stand out in jail is not to erase.
Would like to but can not own it and you can not give something better.
But you knew that in advance and that you did not hear.
Now you know the time to sit , before you try to take Your chance.
Now its then so and can better can not complain.
That chance is now incorrect past , it was better drained off and gone away.
And by working you had a better time and life had.
Faster could not happen that’s why you’re grieving now.
You were not here with your thoughts and wanted too much.
Now do you everyday in harness and empty-handed.
All good people around you, you can not meet.
But you get everyone’s greetings and wish you good luck.
And For their own day with work can not go wrong.
And have everything up for grabs.
What you can not understand.

I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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