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For the Beloved Mother on the Whole World

For the Beloved Mother on the Whole World.


Dear Mother, I’m lucky that we shared together most of the time of our life as educator teacher and son we still talk many and still give supportive advice.
You have taught me the basic things to keep me standing in this society with good advice and manners. You say polite and kind to others costs nothing, and always taught me to treat people the way I would like to be approached and served.
This council, I have always followed, but sometimes it was me too much, because there where people that make abuse of it, so let it me causing other thoughts caused to mankind.
Fortunately, you also taught me to never lose confidence in myself and to go from there and Daddy added that “trust is good but control is better”.
Unfortunately, he’s gone through illness in a harmonious family bond that time, as we have bad times as many families there are good and excellent times.
That has only made us stronger and we can now think back on these moments with a smile and a tear.
Time flies and it is now more than twenty years ago, after You have never met the prince on the white horse while you have a very good heart.
Today is the day You should celebrate your 84 th birthday with much joy, happiness and a good health, all the children I and my four sisters, small and behind small children will hope that there are still many years to follow.
But we have to leave it up to nature and life, because no one will get a live program in life.
Our relationship has always been very good, we can talk about everything in an understandable conversation where there is much pleasure in communicating results with a good ending.
For this all I want to thank You kindly and warm for all the support You have always given to us with a good education and rules, I myself and the people around me know what I mean and now benefit from it.
You are my best friend and girlfriend I have ever met in my life, while I also have the good fortune that You are the dearest mother in the world.
Congratulations and many more healthy years wished to my Mother from Your son.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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For the Beloved Mother on the Whole World 31 may 2015

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