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Forgive and Forget.

Forgive and forget.


In life we have many things to take into account with it.
That we forget to forgive and we forgive but not forget.
Our feelings are so hurt and that’s a difficult time to forgive.
Accounts continue through the mail, and that we want to forget.
Someone makes a mistake without malice councils and is easy to forgive.
Another makes a mistake with a well prepared plan that is better to forget.
But it’s all easier said than done.
It can give your life a big impact and a negative change.
Somebody else that did not even stop to think or realize about You.
Whether it he all know through, and also knows what happened.
But so selfish is set so that the feelings no longer work.
They are so busy with their own interests that another does not count anymore.
Everything revolves around them and everything around them must be good for them.
Are only out on benefits and profits without drawbacks and problems.
When problems come they have their memory loss and they not want to know it.
Want others to pay for the costs and take the profits for themselves.
Are not lazy to work, because they are working for their own future.
Without costs and with a goal and that is of any situation to get it better.
Want seize all opportunities to seize, because it costs nothing.
Shall will be wiser and take every opportunity to be and take.
Meet new people and make contacts easily from friends from friend.
In a network and with results also free to use.
What did they do good to each other, but there is always a downside.
A name build and successfully keep is another step.
A good entrepreneur has only half word needed and can decide.
Sees with one eye what others do not see with two eyes.
Can with his nose a rat from a mouse distinguished.
And know that if a person as against another victim ( their Friend ).
Then he ended up in the same situation and lose also as a victim.
So it is better for making these to choose and play the same way to be.
Also plays the actor and talk and just play the same game with them.
Because that is it for this person such as a game to be the wisest.
They do not realize that honesty is the wisest strategy in the world.
Then always can arrive by friends and be treated with respect.
Tough times and bad easily overcome with friends around You.
Such a large circle of friends have developed everywhere something do and make money..
If it rains to another friend then it drips and you also get wet and can make money.
That kind of people who are bad or rather stupid thinking around You is a good lesson.
Their Can you not forgive or forget.
But can you better forget and forgive.
It is a disease that is not curable and have no respect.
And in the long run they destroy itself without cost.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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