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Four Seasons of Loneliness.

Four Seasons of Loneliness


Some people enjoy to be alone.
Others are isolated from the normal world because they could not be honest.
The majority is ostracized by their friends because they could not honor their word.
They had forgotten that acting in a film could not last forever.
Show kindly in their face but in reality they have a black heart.
Eventually they will fallen by the wayside, because not everyone is stupid and it is just a matter of time to know their real heart.
When their true heart is exposed, there is no more friendship and will be separated themselves through problems and everyone goes with his own way.
The honest person can go to any friends around him in his life time without problems.
Only those with bad hearts and bad principles will have a problem with it.
Will the loneliness extend to the next season?
Due to the disappointing experiences of old friends, can no more knocked on the door because they have already rejected the black heart.
Can no longer rely on one another, because they know the outcome already.
The four beautiful seasons for that person will become only into one season, the winter.
For the black heart it will be only winter time full of loneliness.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Four Seasons of Loneliness

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