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Friends Gathering.

Friends Gathering. 


Many people say they have plenty of friends.
But do not really know what the meaning of it.
But they say friend only to let You think can trust them .
They think that they can take money advantage through friendship.
But they do not realize that friendship is support each other through thick and thin.
Along with building a future together and not against each other.
Each not use own benefit but make it better together.
If a team with the same interests and profit distribution.
Together to support each other for the good  and bad times.
Think of each other’s interests with respect for each other.
Respect each other’s families with a good relationship without jealousy.
Know where they stand and go for it.
Help each other with everything from their hearts.
True friends make money together.
Another form of relationship is not friendship.
These are acquaintances or business associates.
Or use for each others.
I hope you can see the positive meaning of this story.
In this life, people not see what they have already.
But look at what they want to have.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author by Jan Jansen


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