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What does true friendship mean ?
Knowing most of it really well ?
Is it not the true that if they smell something from You , that they want to use this.
Abuse the situation and see a bond.
To benefit and speculate with the knowledge of You.
Want sail with Your boat and then take over the helm.
Be the Captain on Your boat and take the profit out You from Your knowledge.
You use because they do not have the ability to think or imagine.
Where is the respect and appreciation of a friendship remained in life.
Friendship is not about money or improve Yourself.
Friends make money together and do not earn money on each other.
If no gain or other beneficial interests that is Friendship.
The moment that potential profits are available together.
And there is a distribution in the expenses and profits.
Then you can talk of a real friendship and respect.
And that will also take a long time as friends together.


Anything else is a business arrangement with a business partner.
Do not be fooled by pretty words “friend”
So who are your real friends?
Know in your life who are real friends.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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