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Full with Energy.

Full with Energy


It’s nice when everything goes well and every minute of the day gives us the positive results .
Allowing us to appreciate life more and it creates an energetic effect on us.
So we always have some new ideas and therefore we will get new energy with a better mood .
We continue smiling with our life and begin to dream for good .
All new business decisions we make or start can have the possibility to change into gold .
Our social world is changing dramatically and suddenly everyone wants to be friends with us.
It’s sometimes give us all  too much pressure as we have it now, but by the positive energy, we can accept everything with a great joy.
Nothing is impossible, because so many incredible things happen we never even dreamed about it.
We are being so positive because it is also completely change to a different personality by us, with full of energy and good feelings which is clearly visible to others .
Everything is going for the wind, so we will not worry about things we can financially afford and our relationships always knocking on the door.
Bored or have nothing to do, is not in our dictionary, and our agenda is always full of activities.
Our business and private life is excellent and that gives all the energy we need to continue with positive thinking .
Ensure that we can see only worries in others and that increases our energy so we are able to offer help and solve them .
The self-respect and energy that we can help others in an emergency gives us an extraordinary feeling.
We are pleased that we can be appreciated by others and this show our full of energy to others .
If we look back to our mistakes we have made, we do not regret the past because  we’ve learned from it.
The only disappointment we encountered is that we helped with our hearts and have done good things for the wrong people.
But this improves our energy with full of self-respect.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Full with Energy

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  • Posted: September 9, 2013 19:12

    Nataporn Chalawlux

    Energy can make everything growth,,,
  • Posted: September 9, 2013 19:13


    Appreciation for life is a reward in itself I suppose is what you are saying.

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