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Full Moon.

Full Moon.


Today is the full moon day for the Chinese population around the Global.
Celebrate together with the family .
Even if they are living or working in other places or countries they all will go back home for celebrating this festival.
Back to their family and join together for this special day.
Some have not seen each other for a long time so it’s a fantastic reunion.
Eat together with the Mooncake and share about everything on their life.
Speaking good among the family members on this  special day.
Talking about the past and the future in a happy atmosphere .
And treats with galore meals .
Of course there will be a lots of amazing fireworks.
It is a traditional day itself and impossible to imagine this day go out of the Chinese culture.
This day is a symbol for reunion of the Chinese population.
We should honor and respect this with a smile.
And we can look with them at the full moon.
Buy Moon Cake and eat.
And celebrating this day as a feast.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


Full Moon.

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