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Fun Fair.

Fun Fair.


There are plenty to do at the fun fair.
But all is not give for free.
You can play in the bumper cars and carousel or ferris wheel.
There is always something to do at the fun fair.
A fun meeting place for young peoples.
A sugar spin a oublie horn or candy.
Typical delicacies that we only can eat at the fun fair.
Its a Beautiful Experience to go with the children .
Which can be extremely fun and talk about it for days.
It is also an impressive feeling to see how the children enjoy.
All lights and colors and so many things that happen around.
It is a fun for both children and adults.
So if there is a fun fair we also should be there too.
Shooting at balloons or throwing a dart.
Winning a toy bear or a dog.
Grasping the watch and alarm clocks is not so easy.
Scrolling with a bulldozer against the coins to fall into the tray.
In the haunted house look for skeletons and scary things that come out of nowhere.
We all want to look and have the greatest fun.
Bungy jumping and in the roller coaster or the pirate ship.
All of those things we can enjoy it when we are at the fun fair.
We can’t stop the children from going to the fun fair.
All those years that the fun fairl is now, still no one is getting bored.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author by Jan Jansen


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