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 What will the future bring ?
Future, what will it give us ?
Future we have that still ?
Future what will happen ?
What future is there to regret ?
Future, what have we done ?
Future there is still a living ?
Future what we make of it ?
Future it is only today ?
Future there are many who think of ?
Future need as self to work ?
Future, others do not ?
Future do I have to work yourself ?
Future, what should I do it all for ?
Future, you know it ?
Future what we are going to eat ?
Future I should go for it ?
Future are all against it ?
Future is it important ?
The future is tomorrow ?
Future do you see yourself already standing ?
Future think you already ?

Future is the Future in life.
Future work you must do yourself.
What do you want your kids have in future.
Future is to do something.
Work on it.

All the Best with a good heath
Author Jan Jansen

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