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When it’s done it’s fantastic.
Beautiful with all those colors and shapes.
It grows only in a random way.
The hedge cutting with beasts in a diagram.
To view with the eyes a great pleasure.
The mosaics of different flowers .
Make it a whole with all the plants around it.
Fantasize and combine sitting in your genes.
You plant and spade like a crazy.
The power supply in the soil will be there come with your help.
And let it grow into a super combination of colors and plants.
If they look at it go salivating of upwelling.
It looks like a paradise on earth so nice.
When you see all these things, weeks work is the result become.
From what you see there now, the weather can destroy it.
But there we go not to think or out from it.
Let’s just going to enjoy from it every day .
A satisfaction of the hard work is well in place.
Others also enjoy from to look to it wherever it matters.
A hobby with many ideas and scents with many colors.
That is the work of the many weeks gardening worth of it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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