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Global Citizen

Global Citizen


Looking into the wide world is what many would like to do.
Learning about another’s existence and life.
Look around what is happening in other countries.
Curious to the conditions of life of another.
Images and information collected from the media.
It in person do to experience an adventure.
For adventure and go out in the world.
Separating the good from the evil, and everything in reality experience.
With your own eyes see what others are talking about in the news.
The difference in living see and experience in other countries.
Seeing how another happy grew up with poverty and limitations.
While another grew up with luxury and opulence is not satisfied.
These are the beautiful and delicate moments of traveling.
An experience that allows your know in what luck factor you were born.
And a better respect for life can bring for Yourself.
A great lesson and comparison with your present life.
In different cultures mix and themselves with totally different rules.
And ways of thinking engaged in life.
Other methods and habits sometimes you just can not believe it.
But everything you see with your own eyes is not a lie.
And you can not cheat yourself what you’ll all see and experience.
An experience that life shall give more meaning and is future-oriented.
If you are about to tell it for sure You do not will lose face.
Many will not believe you and find You a weird.
Themselves they will probably never come there.
That’s the only drawback.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen





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