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Glory and Fame.

Glory and Fame.


Who wants when you’re young no glory and fame.
We all think of it , but is there something nice ?
We only see the good sides and not the dark side.
Your freedom and security you are deprived from it.
You live and grow up almost like the trees in one place.
Always people around you and you’re never be alone .
Everyone wants to know you and reach, you can hardly understand.
You are also a man of flesh and blood.
But for another, you’re a vision in a magic hat.
Or see what they can not reach in a glazenbol
And their heart beats and they are absolutely love You.
You only give more talents that another does not have.
Because You have a dissident spirit.
For the rest we are all the same.
Need to live and do the same things.
But where it normally is all about ?
Yes you have guessed, for the money.
Around You become much deserves and feasting.
Because without Your had their not been there.
Then life had gone in a differently way.
Now they could selling the skin expensive and score.
At the big boys and speak the word Glory chosen.
The pride dominates whatsoever with these words.
Glory and Fame is now and no more the past.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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