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Something holding, we can not do without Hands.
What should we do without our Hands.
Hands we have them almost anywhere needed.
Showering, brushing teeth, dressing and undressing.
You name it there is no stop on Hands.
Almost everything we use in our Hands.
Even talk with your Hands or something to explain.
Gestures we make with our Hands.
Notes with the Hands.
You must now imagine how happy you must be.
If your hands are still there.
Facing each other your Hands make the gesture.


Think carefully about the flaws of another.
If you not have this.
Another have almost no chance if He or She has no Hands.
Be happy if you can do everything.
For a life without Hands is almost a chanceless life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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