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Happiness to me.

Happiness to me.

You do not know it !!!!!!!
But you are one of the reasons that my life have more meaning.
I happily go to sleep and dreams.
Wake up with a smile and good cheer.
A good feeling to start the new day.
Positive thinking about the things that happen again today.
Negative things solve with a smile and good humor.
I believe in a good future with prosperity.
Leave me satisfied with what I have.
Hope in the future that only but growing.
And let me hope that I continue in life will remain healthy.
With much love, friends and fortune.
I want to thank you for all this.
That you are a part of this whole to me.
And I forgive all who have given me bad experiences.
But give them in future still the same confidence is not possible.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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