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Happy Face.

Happy Face.


Happy face brings light everywhere.
And it also costs nothing to be happy or to do.
To be kindly to each other.
In order to greet each other is so easy and feels good.
But many say nothing to each other if they are an inch apart stay.
Encounter each other laugh, winken or something.
And it’s so easy to take a good morning, afternoon or evening to say.
But they look inferior to each other rather than friendly.
Not to know that if they are friendly or a greet is better to enjoy.
It may be much more fun and enjoyable and a friendship may derive.
And friends, we simply need in life.
Or if we choose a hermits life.
And the function of the tongue and mouth no longer more needed.
Because you only need your lips to moving and there is already sound.
Free for nothing and it can only bring more joy into your life.
If you also say nice words.
Cursing and grumbling we achieve not anything only hatred.
So do you also adapt to the place where you are located.
Be sociable and friendly to each other and change the society.
And start with yourself and am friendly with each other.
And it does not have a long conversation to greet alone is a good start already.
Towards a better society of peace and kindness.
Everyone is so agitated and raised by the economic crisis and time.
There is more misery than joy in the world.
There we can work together on for a little change.
By starting with each other to accept and be friendly.
Everyone is same, and everyone is born in the same manner .
Should eat and go to the toilet or you’re poor, rich, are a different race or language.
It’s all so simple, be nice to each other.
Your own life after will also be a lot more enjoyable.
Try it and you see it yourself.
Kindness caresses the human.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen



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