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Hearing that we do with our ears.
But everything we want to hear ?
Many things we do not want to listen.
Only the things we whisper.
These are usually very sweet and soft and slightly different than expected.
Whisper sweet things into my ears that i want to hear.
That’s what me can enchant and I want to hear.
But I have my Ears for that ?
To only nice things to hear.
Ears to communicate and call.
Ears for Sounds to hear and to respond.
Listen to music or direct a choir.
Without ears, it is difficult to learn.
But we can still communicate.
Ears are an important part in your existence.
Without ears I can not hear you.
Then you can tell me everything.
And I will not understand and maybe want to grab me.
But I can not help it if my ears do not work.
That is the work of Mother Nature.
And in life is a gift that was given if everything works by me.
We are here and have no influence on it.
Happy if everything works in harmony.
Then Is our life another symphonie.
It is easier to us to show and to express.
Without another people look weird and do not understand.
Give another with a defective life a change.
And do not look at its flaws.
Accept them as you heard and see it.
And discriminate them not take them as they are.
And listen carefully to their chorus.
Tell them so they understand you.
So you sometime in your heart you’re ironing.
What have I yet again well done.
Now we can together again against it.


Think of you fellows with defects.
Be glad you not have it.
And give the other party also having fun.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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