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Help Me.

Help Me.


Anybody can please help me with all my problems?
They accumulate it and are getting worse.
It all looks so good in the future, but on this moment we have nothing.
The problems now need to be solved first before doing the next step.
But I lost control of myself and no more can see the trees or the forest.
Are in a psychologically weak point and lost control on my own.
Think everything has turned against me and I no more can trust on my own shadow.
It looks like the peoples around me turned against me, and I no more can handle it.
I’m a team worker and know that if we are united, we all can do everything.
Many peoples understand it wrong and go for their own interests.
They only think for the short periods and not for friends of life.
The helps for each other will overcome the obstacles.
I do not know whether it’s jealousy or ignorance , maybe its a power struggle.
But humanity is changing so fast that You not can follow it.
I do not know whether it is due to the economic crisis .
Money comes and money goes and if you are doing a good and quality job,it is not difficult to earn it.
Words are just words and quality results that will counts in life.
The population is getting harder and no more will feel pity for another.
Just look around you , it is so obvious that the self-interest woud not help.
Together we are strong and together we can achieve more results with their own knowledge.
Many people together with different knowledge of something we build the empire of power.
For these people to work together can makes many things right.
The most people need to think about it in endless nights.
Time is so important for not to lose it.
That puts me for thinking about it but I will not change.
Or maybe I’m the one who sees everything goes wrong ?


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


Help Me.

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