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High in the Mountains.

High in the Mountains.

At a certain altitude in the mountains, we can hide many things.
We can also see very far.
And falling down does not give us ten.
Our body adapts to this, because it is another existence.
The oxygen here is different and may have some breathing problems.
The atmosphere here and stillte you heard and feel, gives you peace and tranquility.
But as you will quickly climb or walk, your body is already overwhelmed with fatigue.
Nature is a strange creature that has been proven many times.
Many things we can control but money is the other side.
Money does strange things in life and let nature take another twist for people.
Exhaust gases and pruning of our trees.
That will show us in the future, it does us no good.
Nature is our protection and our survivors legacy.
We focus now many damage that is not good for our existence.
However, this influence to prevent that I have not in my power.
But you suggest is the only thing I can so pull you plan.
Here on this beautiful place the water roars down.
But we can forget about swimming and diving is pointless.
The force of the water of nature gives you that option not.
We can only look and let our eyes succumb,
It is so nice to see.
But if money goes through in life that many people aspire to.
Our eyes will not see it later.
Factories and houses will take place in mountains and valleys.


And then we can return the advent of Nature no longer pay.
Money will not help us and it will take hundreds of years.
Take care of Nature we have only one.
As your Father and Mother to use it sparingly.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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