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Honesty is the Best Policy of Life.

Honesty is the Best Policy of Life


Respect is one of the most important things in life, we get the reputation especially on how we behave ourselves in society.
Jealousy is also a great enemy in those dishonest people, with some question such as : “Why can others be successful and I did not?” and “Why they make money and I can’t?”
Some lose their respect every day because of lying constantly and they think it is better to live like that.
Lie and cheated to anyone in order to generate a certain status and financial gain are their goal at that time.
They used and abused others knowledge and trying so hard to be seen or even earn some money with it.
Because they can tell good stories and convince others with their honesty but the truth is just the opposite.
This is the way of their life, they let everyone fall into the trap and can do everything to let another be the losing party.
They only think of self-interest and have no mercy or regret of what they’ve done to others,
The bad feelings and pain that others might have is not important for them.
They have to manipulate others with their fake mask to avoid people trying to think bad about them.
Of course one day they might get harmed by their own bad talk and the experience of what have happened is not good for their reputation.
So they’re just telling the opposite to the world around others, that will put them into dilemma on who shall they believe now?
That is their strategy in life but it will not stand in the long run because they have cheated several people already.
When more people start to talk about that and report to the police then the truth will comes to light soon.
Mountains and valleys do not meet each other,  but people do, so the ball starts rolling.
Many more people begin to tell their story and this get heard by others.
The truth will reveals in the long runs and the incredibility of others can be proved toward victims.
Who is not straight does not deserved to have long successful life.
Everyone gets what they deserves in life.
This kind of people deserve a place in jail for what they have done to others.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Honesty is the Best Policy of Life

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  • Posted: June 13, 2013 18:00

    Jessica Acub

    Thanks alot for your Honesty..just contanue moving for doing good and honesty serving to all people you meet, to be honest to your self and to others is the gift of God that gven to your Heart....SIR JAN WISH YOU GOOD LUCK, AND GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

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