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How a Beautiful Day Changed.

How a Beautiful Day Changed.

It was a sunny and beautiful day of June.
Came out from the bed and looked outside it was so nice.
We enjoyed the morning and it was fantastic again.
This day could not go wrong and it was brilliant to see.
Agreed with family and friends to come together.
And one day have to never forget joy and pleasure.
A day with children playing.
And parents who talk about the future and the past.
About the good moments and feelings together.
There was to see how strong the relationship was family and friends.
It was so nice all together.
Drink and food in abundance.
Many speaking it was so good.
Everyone speak about his own experiences in life.
And would like to share with each other.
The children and women had so much fun together.
Three of the men decided to explore to the town to watch.
And take the car to go over there.
Coming there were many people around them.
They began to drink , where will this go lead to.
The drink took their lives and the atmosphere changed.
The day was still beautiful and thought they had many fun.
Fun they had together and the friendship was strong.
That brought them closer together and then came the decision.
Let’s go to Antwerp about 60 miles away.
They decided to leave and there was no more doubt.
Going home was not an option because they would not to go.
The fun they had together played an important role.
The friendship they had , was later fate for the people around them.
The drink did not think anymore and put them to the fate.
The car crashes at high speed against a pillar of a bridge.
Two of them let direct the life and the third is in a coma with a broken back.
The beautiful day in the life was a disaster and will never return back.
The women and children knew nothing of this.
But their whole life has changed and they do not know how this was possible.

Drinking destroys more than you think.
It is nice if you have a glass pours.
You can change it to multiple glass.
And you think no more.
My friends that lost their lives.
I grow up with them in a beautiful life.
And now I see them ever again.
Many strength for their family and other friends.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen

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