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How can that happen.

How can that happen.


What went wrong everything seemed so good.
How could that happen I see nothing but blood.
My heart is torn and I am now alone.
Why did you leave now and left me as air.
Our life was a fairytale that I thought really.
I was so happy and felt so good.
As a glass that is broken and adhesives helps no more.
You’ve taken everything from me it makes me very much pain.
In my mind there was only future and no play.
The truth of it is different and obsolete.
I’ve come home and you were not there.
You’ve taken everything from me.
For do not come back.
All your plans are now completed and satisfied.
With no idea what you have done to me.
You have my heart torn apart and devoured.
I hope this never happened to You.
With awareness, you are gone.
To think of a better life alone.
Thinking that you can buy everything with money.
And hope that it is as you think.
But in life you are sure to hurt another a lot.
What you do to another comes back to you.
So keep in mind what you’re doing now.
Because one day you stand in the cold.
That will remember what you’ve done in the past.
Hearts break for money and a better life.
That will in the future dearly.
And the glory to perish.

In life you get what you deserve.
You have to realize what you have done.
You can now think about a good life.
Dishonesty in life gives others much grief.
The problem is that you do not see it.
Until the problems to come back to You.
And another this not want to see.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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