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In Love.

In Love.


What is it beautiful in your life.
Love at first sight.
How can it happen it’s not a duty.
It only gives back many obligations in life.
But you do not look to this.
These are the feelings that give it to you.
Love each other.
It is the longest and finest feelings in life.
Give your inner strength or pain.
Because if on the other hand, the feelings are gone.
Then it gives a weird feeling to You and in your body and is not fine.
The beautiful and great feelings in the past.
Is something that then no longer more counts.
For the beautiful days together You are exhausted.
It began as a fairy tale and ends in disaster.
The end has come, and divorce is the sequel.
Continued problems of love which can not be overlooked.
The love and lust that came first has turned into a hell.
The hate of the other looks like a game.
A game that can not be overcome by grief.
And how come it is that nobody want to knows.
Because nobody is the culprit is this painful game.
Give each other freedom than displaces the hell.
The situation is already out of control.
And the cards are dealt.
The trumps are in hands.
That’s the only thing that counts.
The Joker who left with the bad cards in hand.
And should now look to.
Towards a new love in the country.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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