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In the Visor Sight.

In the Visor Sight.


If they have you in the visor sight that could be positive.
But may also have negative consequences.
On your private life certainly has it an influence.
Can your life improve or worsen and reduce your freedom.
All eyes are focus on you .
And from private life we can no longer more speak.
You need your own insulate in a room from the outside world.
If You want to be alone and able to be without people around you.
There are also people who want to know what You do and looking from a distance.
Or via the digital world research about you do.
And so want to follow all what you are doing or what You go do.
As it have to do with your work or knowledge then it is positive and can generate income.
If you’re already a ” VIP ” Very important Person are then you have all money.
And did they get you noticed anywhere and then is the freedom over.
Because everyone wants to see you  and shoot photo or a video of a signature.
Or even more but from repose itself is not possible for you anymore.
Have so much staff around them and people from security for take care You.
Have much fame and money but a good private life is almost impossible.
One time to repose or do something extraordinary do is not possible for them.
It’s the other day right in the media to find.
And it’s something where 80% of the population on earth strive to fame.
Power, wealth , fame and freedom in your life .
But to come in the visor sight has to come it at a price.
Maybe you do not pay or to take it.
But at least in the past someone who has pays that price.


Kindly Regards,
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen

In the Visor Sight.

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