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Infinite Mind.

Infinite Mind.


Thoughts are the principles of your feelings.
Feelings about the things you think.
A moment of a glance and a thought process.
A corridor that goes very far.
Your thoughts are infinite.
Because thoughts they do not want to wait for a signal.
If they could speak was not fine.
Often there are many things going through your mind.
If you would like to speak that direct.
Then you could forget it.
Many people around you than you would hate.
And not more talking to you.
Because the first thoughts are usually not so fine.
So keep the mouth would be better.
That is so for many people in life.
Plans have already forged ahead.
Have their minds work in past.
How they could limit You.
In your movement and your doing.
For the best thoughts of fame that counts.
The fame to not forget after.
And good evening meal.
And think how do we tackle it again tomorrow.
For someone back on other minds.
But at the end she will not give a lot of friends.
And they stand on wobbly legs.
What they have done in the past anyway.
In their minds they want do it over to be happy about it.
Because they are now even without money.
Because that was predicted in the past.
But that they has not counted.


Thoughts try reading from another person.
Your Move in the position and thoughts of another.
What are the pros and cons.
That in these times necessary to survive.
Bad thoughts from others can give you no future.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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