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There are people who have an excellent idea.
Tell it to others and they think that person is insane.
That will never be possible what he or she wants, it’s impossible.
It sounds incredible in their ears and in their power of wisdom.
Can not understand it and also not grasp how someone can come up with that idea.
Thinking that the person has dreamed it last night and now want to make it reality.
But for them it is a crazy idea and for sure impossible.
Need to laugh about it and have completely different thoughts in mind.
But do not realize that they have talked with someone who thinks ahead.
Think in the future and where the impossible become to possible.
And only understand it if they are facing with it in the future.
Who was the madman in the past and looked good to the future.
Then know that the crazy idea hear in the past is now the reality.
Understand now that what we see in movies is a preparation for our future.
That which now seems impossible that will be normal soon.
Prepare Your own on the future that  maybe Your partner is a robot.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



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