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It’s good to are somewhere and be inspired from something.
Something to see and give You an inspiration for a new idea.
That brings that in Your mind where You before never of would think.
To see that what Your brains have awakened and have inspired.
This idea come to see something through another his idea and influence You.
Another his idea and now You have a totally different idea.
Something unrelated to his idea , but this have You influenced to a new idea.
That you found out now with the help of another his inspiration.
Something you can be thankful for, but to that person never can say thanks.
Because many things have been invented by employees in companies.
You can only be grateful that their invention came on your way , and helped You with finding something new.
With a completely new invention that helps us more in the future.
And inspires you to do more for our community.
So that every one have the chance to take profit from this.
So You can also be inspired from another person his inspiration.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



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