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Is there something ?

Is there something ?

There is always something in you life.
It is not this , then is it that.
We live in a time of increasing worry and reduce opportunities.
Only those who are lucky to be born rich and healthy have a better future.
Need not to worry but also suffer from this economy.
Everybody that good has learned or is intelligent has more influence.
At a future and a fortune existence ..
With the generation of today and poor economy, problems and wars.
Do no good to a prosperous future for our children and relatives.
Many are not among of this them live day to day, from hour to hour.
And do not think about what tomorrow will come.
It is also better for that moment to think so, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, we are living now and everything we do is fun.
Have we already done and is not turning back or taking them away from us.
It was so nice, cozy and great yesterday.
But now it is today and the problems have come and you know no way out.
How do I solve this now and do is the question, but you will hear that ?
You don’t know without a way to do it and done.
And should asking for help and must go to Your friends.
There is nobody at home or to achieve, because nobody wants to hear about problems.
You need help is the answer ?
Yesterday was out partying and you have had so much fun and it seemed like you had no problems to pay.
How can you now today speak I have problems and they are hard also.
Yesterday was the scent of roses and moonlight and everything seemed so fine.
There was no cloud in the sky and nothing could go wrong.
But now you days are counted, there is no other person who helps you.
All want to take advantage of opulence and wealth and are your friends then.
But if there are problems where are they?
Think about you life so that it not can give problems.


Think about the future and tomorrow.
Build Your roots for the future.
Because , for You know there’s a lot of worry.


I wish you a carefree and healthy life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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