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It New Born Life.

It New Born Life


And then we want to show and let everyone hear it.
We are so happy as if we have won a first prize in the lottery with the lucky ticket.
Screaming from the rooftops, as the new life is essentially fit as a fiddle.
Have started an associated blood relative family member with this new birth.
The preparations for the birth had been very exciting and we where very satisfied.
But now the time has come and we can hold our new family member in our arms with hugging.
Welcome it and can kiss the most beautiful gift on this planet named earth.
The new life that our family entering now relieved with fresh courage.
We have started a new goal to even better living all for take care our own household.
So happy with the new family member that we divert or forget sometimes giving attention to our spouse.
All the attention is lost to the baby through the joy and love for the new-born.
This endless love will last forever without any doubt there.
That will give us three guaranteed a lifetime commitment with togetherness.
There is no better gift as a parent on this global world than the birth of a fresh and new healthy life.


I wish You a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen

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