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It was Nice if we Had a Remote to Navigate and Control our World

It was Nice if we Had a Remote to Navigate and Control our World


In a normal opinion we think that nobody wants war and will choose for peace in some cases we even ask ourselves where all these hateful feelings come from.
All of which would be based on mistakes that others have made in the past, where we ourselves could not do anything and also completely nothing have to do with or whether it comes from?
How different inhabitants of a country talking about people of other countries, sometimes as if there is a direct attack occur, while sometimes they have never left their homeland and have been in that territory.
We live in a large homecountry with millions of people and not everyone has an inappropriate trait, we can not all see the same individual.
In an apple tree can grow one rotten apple and which can infect all the apples but there will always remain uncontaminated tree fruit that are good for everyone to consume.
Several times now, things are happening in our global so that we think is this really necessary, or is that not a bit overdone, and wherefore it is needed.
The how and why certain things occur is often a mystery, it sometimes has nothing to do with the individuals concerned but which are the victim of a vendetta arising.
By hatred and rancor plans are made or executed in a excessive hot-blooded heady excitement and which duped or affected the wrong people.
As innocent children and hardworking parents who usually know nothing at all of whether this hostility or have political backgrounds and intents nothing to do.
If only it were possible to convince this vengeful and hateful people in these moments that such action certainly does not make sense and this just throw more wood on the fire so everything just instinctively get even hotter.
As a result there will never be any relief or serenity with the result that there will always be unrest in which a peace-loving biography is unfeasible.
If we only had for this uncontrolled events in our world a sensor with remote control to signal this vindictive people that negotiations in peace the only solution is for this.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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It was Nice if we Had a Remote to Navigate and Control our World 2 July 2015

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