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Jump for your life.

Jump for your life.


Sometimes we have to take risks and make improvements or changes in our lives.
We know that the risk can be very high and also can cost us dearly.
But at that moment we must to make a quick decision and we only have two choices.
1. “We do not do it” and we will remain at the same level.
2. “We do it” and have the chance for a better life.
For many it is a difficult decision to make , because it’s a win or lose situation.
We do not have certainty and warranty at this crucial moment.
But You can make the decision with faith and confidence of Yourself.
Always consider for the risk factor and the percentage of success.
Before You want to leap forward for an important vital step in the future.
In our daily life and business , it is very normal to have the risks.
Think first about what you are doing but without the first step, we will never know where it ends and then the second step can take.
Therefore it is very important to know what are Your capabilities and limits.
The boundaries between both sides give your more flexible options and can always jump back.
Because if we ever jump across successfully, then it will easier to jump back.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


Jump for your life.

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