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Jump into the Deep Water.

Jump into the Deep Water.


It is a world in itself with all the coral and marine life.
All these many different colors as in a painting shop.
Your eyes not enough time to see everything changed so quickly.
The deeper we go into the water , it gets more interesting, but also more dangerous.
We actually jump into the unknown.
Nobody knows what’s  under the water at that time and in that place.
It can be a big surprise and a great misery.
If we see  some beautiful color fish or dolphins than it will be a perfect experience.
But if we meet the sharks, piranhas and crocodiles it will be a lump in our throats.
We will need time to recover our self from the shock.
But we’ll come over it with a smile.
The underwater world is just fantastic and beautiful in tropical areas.
To experience in the deep unknown underwater.
author Jan Jansen


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

author Jan Jansen

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