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Just Us

Just us.


We met each other, it was from the beginning without adversity.
We were equally happy together and every day as we embraced each other.
I whispered in your ears all the lovely things you wanted to hear.
We discuss and make all things together, that brings us closer together.
For we are indeed the strongest pair.
Nobody can come between us.
Because everything we do, we must prepare well.
Then we have no regrets afterwards.
Jealousy is also a great danger to each other.
The trust we have towards each other gives us great strength.
And power is power in life so that will give us more love.
We are one with our thoughts so let’s not wait.
Let’s get married and start building a family.
That concerns us even stronger and connect before the wolves devour us.
Children give us more love and strength.
So that no one can deprive it for us.
The feelings I have for you just give me a lot of courage.
And do me very well.
Let’s not wait and the first steps going to take.
I want to be with you the rest of my life share.
Another is I do not care anymore.
You are now my only goal.
My dear say yes if I ask you to marry.
So that together we can build on our future.
I love You with all my Heart and Soul.
Together we have a good life and we can against it.


Honey I Love You.

I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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