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Keep Changing.

Keep Changing.


Some people Keeps changing in their life.
They exchange as often as they can .
Attach no value to what they already have.
Things are quickly bored and they want to exchange it.
Thinking at the moment and take a quick decision.
Get an idea or an action which they directly respond.
Are they evil in their right mind that we do not know.
Only they know about their own decision.
They take quick action with either a good or bad reaction.
Anyone can later confirm what the outcome is.
Either they regret it or have made the right choice.
Keep smiling or crying is also a result.
No one can answer that on that moment by this decision.
I can only confirm that not every change is an improvement.
So think first and consider well what you do or say.
Done is done and once for all.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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