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Keep smiling.

Keep smiling.


Life goes not always about roses and sometimes only the thorns.
But then there is nothing lost or gone wrong.
But give you just a better life and a good lesson.
Then you can learn from those mistakes and after no more make it.
Your knowledge to enrich life more and get more profit out of it .
Just keep smiling and you learn lessons from it and next time your not hurt.
Knowing what you did wrong and just again with full enthusiastic proceed.
Learning from the past and do everything to not make that mistake again.
Because the next time you know everything in the holes and you know what’s going on.
So everything you’re already on before prepared and gives the other no time to make it happen.
And his face show colors of shame and powerlessness.
Because you know that already because of Your experience in the past.
That is just so nice that You have learn from the past.
And it will not be happen a second time for you.
That moment it is fun and will increase You to laugh.
With an elephant skin because there is no loot for the other person.
But together you have lost a lot , that better realise good.
Another lost the most and a friend and somebody that trust him.
Know that just well with your sane  brains now future is lost together.
The trust is gone and this is very significant in life.
But fortunately you can still laugh about the lessons in your life from the past.
Their chances they gone wrong , how they also had hoped for.
Because it was intended to let you end up in the gutter.
But now you feel Your own very big, because You have that opportunity taken away.
Where they had long nights of dreams about it.
You know it already before for a while  but you did not just let it hear.
And worked together on their plan same nothing happen. 
That you never had encountered something because You was stupid.
You let them believe that everything they tell was the true.
But in Your brains You know it was a plan and all a lie.
Now I let you know and they just cut off the pass.
Then there were beautiful words with little content about their plan.
You let them only believe and dream to be able to tackle your money for himself.
Belief in yourself and learn from the past.
Does your laugh for their plans and their bad mind.
Because he who laughs last laughs best.
They jump in their own hole with Your smile.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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